Getting a Flu Vaccine

The Flu season comes every year like clockwork, and it is vital to prepare for the virus before it comes knocking on your door…

Every year the Flu is different from the previous year, which creates a necessity to have your yearly administered flu shot. It is also critical to have your scheduled checkup as soon as symptoms start.

Flu Vaccines are proven to prevent getting the flu year after year. Ensure you get yours at any of our walk-in clinics.

Protect yourself from the flu.

The flu has a season. It never seems to miss a beat.

Every year the flu is different from the previous year, which creates a necessity to have your yearly administered flu shot. It is also critical to have your scheduled health check-up as soon as symptoms start.

Book your flu health check appointment with Leading MD’s. Our medical clinic is ready to help you and your family stay safe every flu season. 

If you have the flu or start to show symptoms see a doctor. Visit our Clinic in Goodyear, Arizona, or schedule an appointment to see a doctor remotely. We will make sure you have an easy and quick flu evaluation. 

Quick Health Check

If you answered yes to any of these questions. Speak with a Leading MD’s health care provider. You may have the flu.

How is the flu treated?

The flu, like a cold, is best treated by getting enough rest and drinking plenty of fluids, especially if you have a temperature. It’s critical to get medical help immediately if you’re having trouble breathing or have a high temperature. To avoid spreading the flu, people who have the virus should remain home from work or school and avoid going out in public. Staying home is important for your health and can prevent the spread of the flu virus. 

How does the flu shot work?

The flu shot employs a trace quantity of the flu virus to drive the body’s production of antibodies, during this phase special “agents” target and eliminate certain bacteria to prevent illness. These viruses are not alive in flu injections; in nasal spray, a live virus is utilized, but it is very weak (attenuated) and cannot cause disease.

Should I get a flu shot?

To help prevent infection, the CDC advises that everybody over the age of 6 months get a flu vaccination.

The vaccine helps people stay healthy, so they don’t get sick, and it can also help prevent the disease from spreading to others. Virus prevention is especially important for those who are more vulnerable to infection, such as the elderly, people with weakened immune systems, and heart, respiratory, kidney, or liver damage or disease.

Does the flu shot have a 100% efficacy rate?

Vaccines for the flu can be highly successful in avoiding illness, but they aren’t infallible. Every year, health organizations identify the most common flu strains and produce vaccines to combat those viruses. The virus will infect most people, but some will acquire strains that are resistant to the vaccination. Other precautions, particularly in public during flu season, will continue to be vital in preventing infection.

Is the flu shot considered safe?

Yes, the flu shot has been well evaluated and is entirely safe. Localized soreness, redness, or slight swelling may occur in some persons, all of which are transitory and induced by any injection. People who are allergic to eggs should inform there Leading MD’s provider, as the flu injection is made with egg ingredients.

If you are allergic to a ingredient in the flu vaccine – an alternative vaccine can be given to those people.

Is there a nasal flu spray available?

While a nasal spray is usually available each year, it’s usually reserved for the very young, the elderly, and those people who can’t get a vaccine or who don’t want to have an injection. Ask your Leading MD’s provider if you qualify for the nasal flu spray. 

How do I get the flu shot?

You can book your Flu Vaccine appointment or walk right into one of our clinics in Goodyear or Peoria.

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