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At Leading MD’s we want to see you; we can monitor your health and help you manage chronic conditions, and provide preventive care.

Book your annual check-up with Leading MD’s and stay on top of your health.

People of all ages can benefit from updating their doctors and understanding their general wellness.

Should I Get an Annual Physical Exam?

Aside from eating the proper diet and exercising daily, annual check-ups with your primary care physician are the best approach to stay in excellent health. People of all ages can benefit from updating their doctors and understanding their general wellness.

Yes, and for a variety of reasons. Your face-to-face wellness appointment allow you to interact with your Leading MD’s provider, building trust, and sharing your health care preferences. This is an important measure to stay proactive before a severe illness strikes.

The best way for you to receive comprehensive, personal care is for your doctor to know you at all levels of health. At Leading MD’s we want to know you! It is also an opportunity to discuss critical health topics such as disease screening and lifestyle modifications targeted to you. Our lives are always changing, our health does too.

Quick Health Check!

If any of the quick check-up points hit home for you. It is time for a check-up. Schedule with a Leading MD’s health care provider today.

I want to know more about annual check-ups.

Annual check-ups are preventive appointments with your designated primary care physician (PCP). While you may require a routine exam to help manage a chronic condition or prevent genetic diseases, it’s just as vital to annual schedule exams if you’re generally healthy.

Annual check-ups allow your doctor to assess your overall health and look for early signs of chronic conditions, such as a steady rise in blood pressure.

Take note, you may also need to see your primary care physician if:

Your annual physical is treated by Leading MD’s as a wellness appointment. Your provider will tailor the appointment to you based on your medical history and age-appropriate standards. This information, combined with your vital signs and other findings from a physical exam, aids your doctor in determining whether you are at high- or low risk for specific illnesses, as well as which tests are appropriate for you.

People of All Ages Benefit in Different Ways

From childhood vaccinations to adolescent counseling to family planning and STD screening for adults, wellness check-ups are critical to remaining healthy. Annual physical exams also provide crucial mental health and substance misuse counseling for people of all ages, as well as cancer screening and risk reduction after the age of 50. We want to see you at Leading MD’s!

What should I expect during an annual check-up?

While your routine visit at Leading MD’s is personalized to your unique health and needs, you may anticipate the following:
When doctors have time to thoroughly discuss your medical history, chronic issues, and recommendations for lifestyle changes, the annual exam is at its most valuable. Visits to your doctor for additional points should be planned. If you have a new health issue, your doctor may advise you to schedule a follow-up appointment to focus on identifying and treating the illness.
At your annual check-up, your provider may and will do the following:
After your visit, your Leading MD’s doctor will be able to accurately update your electronic medical record represented the new annual physical exam.

How to prepare for Your annual visit at Leading MD's

One advantage of having a patient account with a leading MD’s is that you will receive advice about how to make the most of your appointment. Along with reminders about the date, time, and place, you may also receive information about what to bring and how your insurance plan covers the appointment. When visiting with your provider, be open and honest about your present health status, including whether or not you smoke or drink. It aids in providing correct advice and recommendations.

Leading MD’s staff collaborates to ensure that your yearly check-up is thorough and includes all of the necessary tests. Bring any essential papers with you if your check-up is required for work or education.

It is also beneficial to:

Leading MD’s enjoys getting to know their patients on an individual basis. Because they will most likely want to know about your family health history, it is also beneficial to learn as much as you can, or if anyone in your immediate family has experienced any changes in their health. Aside from eating the right foods and exercising daily, annual check-ups with your primary care physician are the most effective way to stay in shape.

Does Insurance cover my physical?

It is dependent on your insurance policy. Most insurance plans consider an annual physical to be a covered service; however, the amount you will be required to pay out of pocket will vary depending on your specific plan. For more information on what is covered, which providers are included in your network, and how much you will be responsible for, contact your insurance company. Duke Health maintains a comprehensive list of insurance plans that are accepted at its facilities.

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