Manage COVID-19 Anxiety

When you are diagnosed with a medical illness, it is natural to experience fear, concern, and sorrow – and this is especially true if you test positive for COVID-19 or are assumed to be positive.

If your symptoms aren’t severe and you can recuperate at home, you’ll be isolated until it’s safe for you to be around other people without possibly transmitting the illness.

Isolation might make you feel lonely.

Isolation prevents others from becoming ill, but it may feel like adding stress to an already difficult situation for the sick individual. Stress has a detrimental impact on your body, so as you relax and focus on healing physically, it is critical to maintaining your mental health.

Remember, you are not alone. Here are some things you can do to keep worried and depression at bay as you recover from COVID-19:

  1. Concentrate on what you know and can control.
    You may have no idea how you were infected or how long it would take to heal. Instead of concentrating on your regrets or what-ifs, focus on what you can accomplish. Your duty now is to take care of yourself, get well, and prevent the illness from spreading to others.

  3. Make use of your support system.
    Request that loved ones contact you on a regular basis by phone, email, or video chat. Discuss your feelings with them. If you are concerned about caring for children, pets, or household chores while you are ill, find family members, friends, or people of your community who are not part of a high-risk group and may be able to assist.

  5. Drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet.
    Limit your sugar intake and focus on foods that are rich in minerals and vitamins. Drink lots of fluids, especially water, so that your body stays hydrated and keeps you in a calm state of mind.

  7. Find healthy ways to pass the time.
    If you are feeling well enough, take walks around the house, sit outside, and breathe fresh air. If you are still lying in bed, watch a streaming service or read a book. Time will ultimately be your friend when it comes to getting better. Every day that passes will be another day towards the goal of beating the virus. Try to avoid high-stress situations such as watching the news or reading negative things.

If your anxiety does not go away, remember that COVID-19 has a high recovery rate. Call us to set up an appointment at Leading MD’s if you have worries and or questions.